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What Are The Advantages Of The PERT Tube?

Feb. 22, 2019

The PERT Tube is commonly called a heat-resistant polyethylene (pe-rt) tube, and the PERT tube is formed by polymerizing medium-density polyethylene (mdpe) and octene. The PERT tube raw material does not contain any color masterbatch and filler, so the PERT tube color is transparent. The PERT tube is a polyolefin family of thermoplastics with a unique molecular chain structure that provides excellent crack resistance, high temperature resistance and hydrostatic strength.

1. Good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance. Applied in heating and hot water systems, the working temperature is 70 ° C, the pressure is 0.4Mpa, the pipeline can be safely used for more than 50 years.

2. It has good flexibility, it is convenient and economical when laying, and the bending radius is small (Rn=5D). It does not rebound after bending, which is convenient for work. The stress of the bending part can be quickly relaxed, avoiding the stress during use. Concentration causes the pipeline to be damaged at the bend.

3. PERT Oxygen Barrier Composite Pipe has good impact resistance, high safety, low temperature brittle fracture temperature of -70 °C, can be transported and constructed under low temperature environment; the ability to withstand external impact is much higher than other pipes, and in curved pipes When heating is not required, the economic loss caused by the inability to construct in winter in northern China is solved, and material loss and damage to the system caused by rough construction are prevented.

4. It can be hot melted for easy installation and maintenance. The hot melt connection is safe and reliable, and the PE-RT tube is very good in terms of connection and repairability. In the floor radiant heating project, if the pipeline system is damaged due to external force, the pipeline can be repaired by hot melt method, which is more convenient, faster and safer.

5. PERT Single Layer Pipe has good heat dissipation performance and thermal conductivity of 0.4wt/mk. It can save a lot of energy in heating applications.

6. Cost-effective: PE-RT pipe has all the performance advantages of floor radiant heating engineering heating pipe, engineering installation cost, low maintenance cost, high cost performance, is the preferred pipe for floor radiant heating engineering.

cPERT Single Layer Pipe

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