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PPR Pipe And PERT Tubing Are Different In Material, Performance And Application

Mar. 15, 2019

The PPR Pipe and PERT Tubing materials differ in their materials, properties, and applications.

The PPR Pipe is a modified polypropylene material, which is a tube containing H and O elements. Its non-toxic properties bring a new legend to the development and application of water supply pipelines. The legend of its pipe is mainly characterized by simple material composition, simple construction, safety, hygiene and convenient application. The most important thing is the universal acceptance of price, making it a cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe and copper pipe. After the development of one of the most promising and influential new water supply pipe series.

PPR Pipe

The PERT Tubing is a modified polyethylene material. Although it also contains H and O elements, it has non-toxicity, good toughness, good pressure resistance, low temperature resistance and energy saving performance, but it has higher cost than PPR. Therefore, it is generally not used as a water supply pipe, and is mainly used as a pipe and pipe fitting product such as a floor heating pipe and a ground source heat pump. It is the most humanized environmental protection and energy-saving heating pipe in modern times.

PERT Tubing

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