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How To Solve The Problem Of PPR Pipe Heating Up And Down?

Feb. 19, 2019

In order to solve the problem of PPR Pipe heat expansion and contraction, it is necessary to control the length of the straight pipe section, make more elbows, and select a suitable place for the fixed bracket. The other brackets must be sliding. The following PPR Pipes Supplier will detail how to solve the problem of hot rise and contraction of the PPR pipeline, and hope to help everyone.

1. The surface mounted PPR pipe is naturally compensated by the manufacturer's expansion bend.

2. The PPR pipeline advocates direct burial or concealed darkness:

(1) It is easy to solve thermal expansion. Directly embedded in the wall or laid in the building surface layer, the frictional force can be utilized to overcome the frictional force caused by the temperature difference of the pipeline;

(2) Conducive to heat insulation and fire prevention.

3, directly buried in the wall or floor surface pipeline, because the cement mortar in the wall or floor limits the thermal expansion of the pipeline, so the longitudinal expansion compensation is not considered. It is stipulated that the outer diameter of the direct buried pipe of the floor surface layer ≤ De25 is only 50mm according to the thickness of the general floor surface layer. If the thickness of the surface layer is less than 50mm, the outer diameter of the directly buried pipe should be correspondingly reduced. The interface of the direct buried concealed pipe must be thermally welded.

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