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PERT Single Layer Pipe
  • PERT Single Layer Pipe
  • PERT Single Layer Pipe
  • PERT Single Layer Pipe
PERT Single Layer Pipe PERT Single Layer Pipe PERT Single Layer Pipe

PERT Single Layer Pipe

Pert pipe is applied to residential house, villa, hotel, restaurant, office building, shopping market, hospital, cinema, classroom, library, exhibition building, meeting room, swimming pool, green house, graden house, fish farm, horticulture, airport and train waiting room and widely used in drinking water supply system, could and hot water supply, and transport liquids, such as: mil,beverage, wine…


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PERT pipe
PE - RT pipes produced by the raised temperature resistant polyethyline of raw material, transparent for all, is the most common under floor heating pipe at present. Pipes nexine is smooth, it can reduce the blocking phenomena by the residuum in the water, has its own advantages of good flexibility, easy to install and carry, resistance to low temperature and frost crack and service life up to 50 years.
1.Good thermal stability and long - term pressure resistance
2.In conformity with potable water hygienic standard
3.Strong impact resistance
4.Good flexibility
5.Easy to be connected (hot - melt connection or mechanical connection)
6.Good thermal conductivity
7.Good processing property
8. Can be recycled, good to the environment
1.Heating system pipelines for floor, wall, roof and street.
2.Industrial and residential water system, water supply system of geothermal water
3.Pipeline system of pure water, mineral water, drinking water and sanitary water
4.Central air-condition pipeline system


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