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PPR Reducing Elbow
  • PPR Reducing Elbow
PPR Reducing Elbow

PPR Reducing Elbow

Water Supply use
Material : Polypropylene Random
Standard : DIN8077,DIN8088,ISO15874
Connection : Hot melting

SIZE :20mm-110mm

Working Pressure :  1.25MPA,1.6MPA,2.0MPA,2.5MPA
Color : White,green,light grey or according to customer


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Product Description

1)Hot and cold water pipeline, including solar energy system
2)Heating system, include floor-heating pipeline;
3)Central air-conditioning system
4)Irrigation system
5)Industrial pipeline for supplying or government projects
1) Long durability due to high resistance to aggressive elements, which gives the system extremely long service life of 50 years and more.
2) Incomparable smooth and porosity-free internal surface of both pipes and fittings, which results in a very low pressure loss and absence of incrustation.
3) Nontoxic and physiologically harmless material.
4) Resistance to wide range of chemicals and corrosion is avoided in service lines.
5) Heat preservation and energy-saving abilities.
6) High acoustic insulation against fluid noise.
7) Light weight compared to the metallic pipie systems.
8) Convenient and reliable installation methods and No furring while cutting.
9) Cost effective pipeline network and Safe environment with recyclable ability


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