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How To Choose Hot And Cold PPR Water Pipes?

Feb. 01, 2019

At present, there are many PPR Tube manufacturers on the market, and there are differences in quality. Once there is leakage, the loss is huge. It is recommended to use the well-known PPR Tube brand products. Rongde Piping is one of the well-known pipe manufacturers. Welcome to buy. Below, Rongde Piping will introduce you how to choose Hot And Cold PPR Water Pipes.

1. For cold water (≤40°C) system, use P.N1.0~1.6MPa pipe and pipe fittings; use for ≥PN2.0MPa pipe and fittings for hot water system. The wall thickness of the cold water pipe is relatively thin, and the water flowability is relatively good, but the pressure coefficient is low.

2, pay attention to the determination of the overall use coefficient of the pipeline C (ie safety factor): general occasions, and long-term continuous temperature <70 ° C, optional C = 1.25; in important occasions, and long-term continuous use temperature ≥ 70 ° C, and may Run at a higher temperature for a longer period of time, optionally C=1.5.

3. After considering the above base point, the SDR of the pipe fitting should not be greater than the SDR of the pipe, that is, the wall thickness of the pipe fitting should be not less than the wall thickness of the pipe of the same specification.

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